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The University of Western Australia

For more than 100 years The University of Western Australia (UWA) has provided world-class education, research and community engagement. The University has a broad research and teaching profile across a wide range of disciplines. With world-class staff and facilities, UWA students are given the best possible opportunities to pursue their impossible and excel in their fields.

UWA is one of the country’s leading research institutions as demonstrated by our Nobel Laureate and is the only WA member of the prestigious Group of Eight research universities. UWA is a community of people who want to explore the unknown, challenge convention and make things happen; people with a burning desire to make the most of their own potential and contribute to the world’s advancement.


As a globally acclaimed institution ranked 99th in ARWU 2022 and 90th in QS 2023, UWA stands as a testament to unwavering commitment, providing not just a distinguished education but an immersive cultural experience in the heart of one of the world's best-performing economies.


Why Choose UWA?

  • Global Recognition: UWA's commitment to academic excellence is reflected in its global standing, consistently ranking among the top 100 universities worldwide.

  • Diverse Opportunities: UWA takes pride in being among the world's top 50 universities in various fields, including Agriculture, Earth Sciences, and Psychology, offering a diverse array of academic pursuits.

  • Graduate Employability: Recognized as Western Australia's #1 university for graduate employability (QS 2022), UWA ensures that you are not just educated but also equipped for success in your chosen career path.

Navigating Your Career Path with UWA

At UWA, securing your dream job is not just a goal; it's a shared mission. Holistic degree programs integrate internship opportunities, Work Integrated Learning units, mentoring, and volunteering experiences to enhance your employability, ensuring you stand out in the competitive job market.

Campus and Beyond

Nestled along the picturesque Swan River, UWA's main campus is a harmonious blend of expansive green spaces, cutting-edge facilities, and a world-class learning environment. Immerse yourself in the UWA experience by taking a virtual tour: UWA 360 Campus Tour.

UWA-Funded Scholarships

UWA is dedicated to supporting your academic journey through a range of scholarships designed to alleviate financial burdens and pave the way for success. The Global Excellence Scholarship, Global Sporting Excellence Scholarship, and International Student Award provide financial assistance, covering tuition, moving, and accommodation costs.

  • Global Excellence Scholarship: Embark on your academic journey with a scholarship of up to AUD$48,000* over four years for eligible undergraduate courses.

  • Global Sporting Excellence Scholarship: For high-performing athletes, this scholarship offers up to AUD$48,000* over four years.

  • International Student Award: Foster a diverse student community with a fee reduction of $5,000* per year, allowing you to receive up to AUD$20,000* off course fees over a four-year degree.

Terms and conditions apply. For detailed information, visit UWA Scholarships.

Apply Now and Shape Your Future with UWA

Explore these opportunities and more at UWA International Course Guide or contact our team for more information

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