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No matter which institution and course you choose, scholarships can provide you with much-needed financial assistance


If you need financial support to help you with your studies in Australia, there are a number of scholarships offered to international students by the Australian Government, education institutions and other organisations. We can explain your options and help you apply, so contact iae Sydney today for up-to-date expert advice.

Here are a few of the major major scholarships programs you might like to consider:

The Australia Awards are a series of scholarships and fellowships offered by the Australian Government. They give international students access to high-quality education in Australia, so they can develop leadership potential and stimulate lasting change. You can read more by visiting and

The Australian Government’s Research Training Program (RTP) started in January 2017, replacing the International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (IPRS). The program is offered to postgraduate international and domestic students who want to undertake research at an Australian university.

Who can apply?


The scholarships listed above are available to international students, however certain restrictions may apply. For more information, and find out whether you might be eligible, contact one of our friendly and experienced representatives.



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