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Shape Minds, Inspire Futures: Your Teaching Journey with ACU

Ever envisioned yourself as a transformative educator, leaving a lasting impact on young minds? Look no further than the innovative, inquiry-based, and future-focused teaching and education courses offered by ACU. At iae GLOBAL Australia, we are excited to guide you through the doors of ACU, where your teaching dreams take flight.

Why ACU for Teaching?

  • Career Assurance: Join the league of success with 92% of ACU teaching graduates securing employment within four months of graduation. The world is your classroom, and ACU opens the doors!

  • Global Recognition: ACU proudly stands among the top 50 global universities for education, securing the fourth position in Australia. Your ACU degree is your global passport to teaching excellence.

  • In-Demand Roles: The future of teaching is bright! With robust job growth predicted in the coming years, ACU equips you with the skills to step into the evolving landscape of education.

  • Versatile Teaching Paths: ACU's courses prepare you for diverse teaching environments. Whether you dream of shaping young minds in government, independent, Catholic, or other faith-based schools, ACU has you covered.

  • Real-World Experience: Immerse yourself in 60-110 days of professional experience during your degree, ensuring you step into the classroom well-prepared and confident.

ACU's Approach to Teacher Education

  • Collaborative Design: ACU's programs are meticulously crafted in collaboration with industry partners, ensuring they align with evolving industry needs and standards.

  • Flexibility and Evidence-Based Learning: ACU's student-centric, flexible programs are rooted in evidence-based practices. Your learning experience is tailored to your needs, ensuring you emerge as a well-rounded educator.

  • Diverse Programs: ACU understands that one size doesn't fit all in education. With diverse programs spanning early childhood, primary, and secondary sectors, you choose the path that resonates with your passion.

  • Continuous Evolution: In the dynamic field of education, ACU's courses are regularly updated to meet contemporary needs, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve.

Explore ACU's Courses

  • Bachelor of Education: Kickstart your teaching journey with a comprehensive program that lays the foundation for a rewarding career in education.

  • Master of Teaching: For those aiming to build on existing qualifications, the Master of Teaching programs offer a pathway to higher levels of expertise.

  • Specializations: ACU caters to diverse teaching interests, offering specializations ranging from Birth to five years to Secondary teaching.

Industry Connections

  • Real-World Collaborations: ACU establishes meaningful connections with educational organizations, schools, and agencies, enriching your learning journey with real-world insights and experiences.

  • Embedded Learning Experiences: ACU values the significance of hands-on experiences. Through embedded learning experiences and placements, you don't just learn about education; you live it.

For more information and to explore teaching courses visit:

Embark on Your Teaching Journey with ACU and iae GLOBAL Australia!

At iae GLOBAL Australia, we're not just guiding you to a university; we're paving the way for your dreams to come true. Embark on your teaching adventure with ACU and let us be your compass. For more information, contact iae GLOBAL Australia today!


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