Property and Real Estate Programs

The property industry is Australia’s biggest generator of jobs and secures the future of 14.8 million Australians who have a financial stake in property through their super funds.

With the current Australian population of 25.8 million projected by the Australian Bureau of Statistic to grow to between 37.4 and 49.2 million by 2066, demand for housing will only increase. Along with this massive growth in the property sector will come the career opportunities in it.

Real estate professionals will continue to be in high demand and career options are diverse with many areas for advancement.

The Property Council of Australia, 2021

Real Estate Investment Program

The UTS Real Estate Investment program gives investment, property and finance professionals a competitive edge in the global property investment boom.

This program encompasses finance, investment, management, valuation and analytical skills required to succeed in the global real estate investment sector.

Skill sets acquired:

  • Learn analytical skills for professionals to be on the fast track to promotions to decision-making and leadership positions.

  • Students will be able to integrate highly sought-after property and finance skill sets, and advance their careers.

Career opportunities may include:

  • Advising or managing property investment portfolios

  • Acquisitions and sales, within the property or the finance industry

  • Working for a specialist research firm that does market analysis, forecasting and projections.

  • Working within boutique real estate investment firms

This course provides new career options for people who work within the property and finance sectors, including:

  • Analysts

  • Valuers

  • Managers

  • Advisors

  • Economists

  • Accountants

The program covers areas such as:

  • Capital Markets