Macquarie Media and Communications Program

In today's world, everyone wants to get their information easily and quickly. The art of efficient, effective, and compelling storytelling across mediums has never been more important for businesses and creatives alike.

This program will suit students interested in:

  • Making films or music videos

  • Writing for print and online publications

  • Designing interactive and media-rich websites

  • Producing radio podcasts and broadcasts

  • Streaming live media

  • Managing public relations campaigns

For majors, students can choose from the following options:

  • Interactive Design

  • Public Relations and Social Media

  • Screen Practice and Production

  • Journalism and Non-Fiction Writing

  • Online Media, Podcasting and Radio

Major in Interactive Design

Students consolidate their learning through work in real-world projects, including websites, digital storytelling, 3D models and visual assets, and photo essays. Facilitated by highly experienced staff and industry specialists, the projects will provide practical experience and professional exposure.

Students will hone their skills in concept creation, storytelling techniques, and creative problem-solving.

Specialities offered:

  • Animation

  • Cyber cultures

  • Photo media

  • Video games

  • Interactive sound

  • Video and web production

In addition to coursework, students will have the opportunity to undertake a media internship, which will further enhance their employment prospects.

Career opportunities:

  • Content producer

  • Designer

  • Games designer