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Macquarie Media and Communications Program

In today's world, everyone wants to get their information easily and quickly. The art of efficient, effective, and compelling storytelling across mediums has never been more important for businesses and creatives alike.

This program will suit students interested in:

  • Making films or music videos

  • Writing for print and online publications

  • Designing interactive and media-rich websites

  • Producing radio podcasts and broadcasts

  • Streaming live media

  • Managing public relations campaigns

For majors, students can choose from the following options:

  • Interactive Design

  • Public Relations and Social Media

  • Screen Practice and Production

  • Journalism and Non-Fiction Writing

  • Online Media, Podcasting and Radio

Major in Interactive Design

Students consolidate their learning through work in real-world projects, including websites, digital storytelling, 3D models and visual assets, and photo essays. Facilitated by highly experienced staff and industry specialists, the projects will provide practical experience and professional exposure.

Students will hone their skills in concept creation, storytelling techniques, and creative problem-solving.

Specialities offered:

  • Animation

  • Cyber cultures

  • Photo media

  • Video games

  • Interactive sound

  • Video and web production

In addition to coursework, students will have the opportunity to undertake a media internship, which will further enhance their employment prospects.

Career opportunities:

  • Content producer

  • Designer

  • Games designer

  • Social media specialist

  • Sound producer

  • Web producer


  • Advertising agencies

  • Creative agencies

  • Design agencies

  • Gaming companies

  • Media agencies

  • Multimedia or digital agencies

  • Self-employment

  • Twitter

  • Web agencies

Major in Public Relations and Social Media

Public relations and social media experts research, design, and implement campaigns. They manage the strategic direction of organisations and help reach the intended audience with the right message by using the most appropriate channels of communication.

Students in this program will develop skills in research, analysis and communication.

They will develop practical skills to set up a PR campaign and utilise social media, web and internet-based communication tools.

Studying public relations and social media can open doors to a wide range of exciting careers, such as:

  • Public affairs and lobbying

  • Integrated marketing communications

  • Internal communications

  • Event management

This major offers a wide selection of public relations, advertising and social media units.

Students will also have the opportunity to undertake production units in areas such as:

  • Screen

  • Radio

  • Web design

  • Journalism

  • Non-fiction writing

Career opportunities:

  • Brand manager

  • Community relations manager

  • Content creation specialist

  • Crisis communications specialist

  • Digital media strategist

  • Employee engagement specialist

  • Events coordinator

  • Government communications specialist

  • Integrated marketing communication specialist

  • Media and communications researcher

  • Media liaison officer

  • Online community manager

  • Political media adviser

  • Public relations consultant/manager

  • Social media strategist

  • Volunteer engagement specialist


  • Activist and community organisations

  • Businesses across a range of sectors

  • Community organisations

  • Government agencies and departments

  • National and multinational corporations

  • Non-government organisations (NGOs)

  • Political parties

  • Public relations agencies

  • Self-employed as a public relations or social media consultant

  • Social media marketing agencies

Major in Screen Practice and Production

Directors, writers, producers and sound designers from Australia are in high demand. The film and tv industry in Australia is also booming, with more and more projects being shot here.

Students will develop skills in the production of screen media, including:

  • Scriptwriting

  • Directing

  • Producing

  • Cinematography

  • Production design

  • Sound and editing

Students trained in screen practice and production can work in film, television, and online platforms. They work on dramas, documentaries, news and entertainment programs, and advertising.

Students will have the opportunity to complete an internship and work on exciting projects based on their chosen specialisation. Among the projects include documentaries, feature films and dramas, scripts, storyboards and screenplays, and screen soundtracks.

Career opportunities:

  • Art department assistant

  • Art director

  • Assistant editor

  • Boom swinger

  • Camera assistant

  • Cinematographer

  • Corporate and NGO videographer

  • Corporate storyteller

  • Data wrangler

  • Director

  • Editor

  • Grip

  • Impact producer

  • Online journalist

  • Producer

  • Production designer

  • Production manager

  • Props buyer

  • Screenwriter

  • Script editor

  • Script supervisor

  • Sound editor


  • Advertising agencies

  • Arts communications and media agencies

  • Broadcasters

  • Cinemas

  • Corporate communications firms

  • Educational media organisations

  • Feature film production houses

  • Film festivals

  • Government media and communications agencies

  • International aid organisations

  • Media production companies

  • NGOs

  • Science communication organisations

  • Social media agencies

  • Streaming services

  • Television production houses

  • Web-series production houses

Other Media, Communications and Creative Arts Programs offered at Macquarie


  • Bachelor of Marketing and Media


  • Master of Media and Communications

  • Master of Creative Industries


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