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What to eat and drink in Australia

Thanks to our multicultural society you can find almost any variety of food that you fancy in Australia. Migrants from all over the world have immigrated to Australia and brought their culinary traditions with them. Australia has an abundance of fresh food all year round.

Eating out is a popular pastime in Australia and there is a huge choice of fabulous restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars. In addition to speciality restaurants in a variety of cuisines such as Chinese, Thai, Japanese, French, African, Greek, Turkish, Italian, Mexican, many Australian chefs are renowned worldwide for ‘fusion’ cuisine which brings together European cooking styles with Asian flavours.

You are likely to come across these iconic Australian foods when you move to Australia:

  • Vegemite – This thick dark brown yeast spread is a great source of vitamin B and is adored by many Australians.

  • Chiko roll – these spring roll like deep fried snacks can be found in fish & chip shops and convenience stores across Australia

  • Tim Tams – made by Arnotts, the Tim Tam is probably Australia’s favourite chocolate biscuit, it’s impossible to have just one!

  • Lamingtons – invented in Australia they are essentially squares of sponge which have been dipped in chocolate and coconut.

  • ANZAC biscuits – crunchy cookies made of rolled oats, golden syrup and desiccated coconut named after the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.

  • Pavlova – An Aussie BBQ for some is not complete without a Pavlova for dessert. Although the origins of the Pavlova are unclear Australians like to claim it as their own. It was created for the ballerina Anna Pavlova who toured Australia in the 1920s.

  • Hamburger with ‘the lot’ – despite the invasion of American Hamburger food chains you can still get a traditional Aussie hamburger with the lot – it’s a massive mouthful of meat, tomato, bacon, pineapple, beetroot, egg and lettuce

  • Barramundi – is a popular Australian fish variety. Australia’s clean waters produce an abundance of seafood. Seafood restaurants are common and popular as the vast majority of Australia’s population lives near the coast.


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