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ENGLISH FOR WORK: Improve Your Interview Skills

Australia, with its stunning landscapes and vibrant cities, has become a magnet for international students. However, the key to thriving in this English-speaking nation lies in mastering the language, especially if you're aiming for a successful career.

Why English Matters in the Australian Job Market?

In the competitive job landscape of Australia, proficiency in English is not just a skill; it's a necessity. Even if your English is a work in progress, learning essential phrases can significantly improve your job interview performance, enhancing your chances of securing employment.

Partnering for Success: iae GLOBAL and English Language Courses

Recognizing the importance of English fluency, iae GLOBAL has forged partnerships with leading Australian colleges. These institutions offer a range of courses, from general English for everyday communication to academic English and IELTS exam preparation.

Join our Workshop for Quick English Improvement

For those eager to fast-track their English skills, especially for work-related scenarios, iae GLOBAL has an exciting opportunity. Teaming up with Albright Institute, we present a dynamic "English for Work" workshop designed exclusively for international students in Sydney.

What to expect?

  • Strategies for Interview Success: Learn proven tactics to navigate challenging interview questions.

  • Language Enhancement Techniques: Boost your language proficiency while practicing interview scenarios.

  • Personalized Feedback: Receive tailored guidance to refine your interview skills.

  • Networking Opportunity: Connect with like-minded peers in a supportive environment.

  • Goodies for FREE: Enjoy complimentary refreshments, snacks, and exciting giveaways throughout the workshop!

Event Details:

  • 📅 Date: February 16th at 2:00 pm

  • 📍 Where: Albright Institute, 10 Quay St, Haymarket

Secure Your Spot Now!

Limited spots are available, so don't miss out! Sign up on Eventbrite to reserve your place and unlock the skills that will propel you towards job success in Australia.

For more information, contact Violeta at


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