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Does Australia’s latest visa update affect you?

The Government announced that it would be introducing a new enhanced temporary sponsored parent visa in Australia as part of its election commitment. The key features of the proposed new temporary sponsored parent visa which have been announced are as follows:

  • Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents and New Zealand citizens will be able to sponsor their parents to stay for up to five years per approval.

  • Sponsoring children must be separately approved as sponsors, meet health and character requirements, and have lived in Australia for four years or more. There will be household income thresholds, which must also be met.

  • Biological, adoptive or step-parents are eligible and in addition to having their child approved separately as a sponsor, parents who wish to be approved for the parent visa must also meet health and character requirements and not owe any debts to Australia.

  • Only two parents per household are permitted at one time.

  • The parent visa will cost $10,000 for a five year visa or $5,000 for a three year visa (with a maximum stay of 10 years).

  • Approved parents under this parent visa category will not have any work rights but will have limited study rights.

  • This visa is expected to address concerns over long waiting times associated with parent visas in Australia.


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